Rru and Lilid – Mountain Elves

Rru and Lilid – Mountain Elves have now been released at The Gem. The 1/6 size Teenie Gem line dolls are cast in normal skin resin.  They come with both regular and “cute” fist hands. Lilid and Rru may also be ordered with a choice of cream white, baby pink, tea green or bronze mountain lion lower body, ears and tail parts. A second “lion” head is also included in normal skin resin with the mountain lion set. Options for Rru and Lilid include a face-up for human and lion heads, body blushing, and an outfit and shoes in a choice of pink or green. Seam sanding is available through a link at the bottom of the order pages. Lilid and Rru may be pre-ordered until June 29th (Korean time).


Lilid rru1 Lilid Rru