16 Elva Girl Body

Doll artist Baron of DreamingDoll has released a new 16 Elva girl body for 2014. The company is offering a discount for purchases of 60cm full Elva dolls with the new body  for a limited time.

From the company:

If you purchase “elva full set(with 2014 elva girl body)”, 10% dicount.

Event period: May 29th 2014 ~ June 20st 2014

Target : Customers who order [elva full set(with 2014 elva girl body)] during the event period.

If you have any questions or want to make order, feel free to contact us by email:

Dream Doll Elva girls come in a choice of normal or white skin resin.  The new 16 Elva body has a joint-less torso part with a choice of natural or corset style breasts. Layaway purchases are available through the company.



16 elva breasts