Dear Mine Notice (updated, statement added)

In their defense to a statement recently released by LutsDear Mine has posted a reply on their notice board. In their statement, Dear Mine refutes the claim that doll artist Captain Jack owned Infinite Doll and runs Dear Mine. They states that “The sculptor Captain Jack and owner of Infiniti doll and owner of Dearmine are completely different people.” They further state that Captain Jack had resigned from Luts before joining their company as a freelancer.

From the company:

Hello, this is Dearmine.

We are very sorry to worrying you because of the unpleasant issue. We are always thank you for loving us even though we are imperfect, and paying so many attentions. From the start and during the process of the issue, we’ve continuously received so many helps and cheers from a lot of people. We are still a small and mere company, thus your messages courage us a lot. Thank you.

When we noticed the issue, we were so in confusion. The reason why we chose minimum statement about the issue and rather be in quiet was because this kind of issue is a very sensitive problem and also, we were respecting L-company’s staff and wanted to prevent any rudeness might could had been happened. However, we truly wanted to lighten the worries and anxious who are inquiring this issue, we decided to write down several corrected information here.

Firstly about the sculptor, we are now working with the sculptor who worked L-company before.

However, this sculptor started working for us after resigning the previous company and became freelancer. Thus the previous companies this sculptor worked for are irrelevant.

The Infiniti doll was just one of a consignment sales company, just like other Korean companies.

The sculptor Captain Jack and owner of Infiniti doll and owner of Dearmine are completely different people.

The Dearmine’s flowery cat ears presented with the issue by L-company, was a project started from 2010, Oct. and completed the sculpture in November,

and released the photo on the facebook for the first time on Nov. 16th. It was 3 days before the L-company’s released date, Nov. 19th.

For us, L-company’s doll released right after we uploaded the flowery ear’s photo, and it was very disconcerted.

However, it was such a short time to make flowery ear after checking our photo, and we thought it was a coincidence.

Our make-up artist is using almost every color in the palette to do face-up.

The consistency of Dearmine’s make-up would be using pink as a base and matched other colors to it.

Pink with blue, pink with black and even though pink with green. Strictly speaking, the very first company which used blue on cat’s ears was a different company.

Last but not least, thankfully our venders or dealers contacted us first, and we chose some companies among them and started business together.

This is because we don’t have a staff who is in charge of the promotion or business activities.

We could have been doing business at least more than 2 years earlier with our wholesale American business D-company,

if we were trying unfair way to get vender information or tried offensive business activities. This is solid truth.

We’d like to tell you about the difference between Dearmine and other companies. Dearmine never imitate other companies’ style.

This is because we have different system from other companies.

The bigger company makes the product by combining many opinions from more designers and staffs, thus it is difficult to check which staff refer to what.

This is because, with such a lot of staffs, it’s very hard to expect that everyone would have superior design ability and perspective.

However, in Dearmine, only one designer is designing dolls, deciding concepts, and making outfits and accessories. Even the photo background had been created by same person.
Designing new doll, there’s one most important reason to refer to other things and that is for

‘checking whether there are any design similar to my design or not’.

It is because this is duty of designer and at the same time it’s a pleasure to design and release unique products.

It is not released yet, but we produced with new sculptor. We’ve insisted one sculptor until now, but the main sculptor was working on new body and we couldn’t make time for producing new head.

DAVINCI is also designed by Wizard, and checked several times at sculpture producing stage by Wizard. Even though we worked with new sculptor, our style will not be changed.

A sculptor is a person who makes the sculpture according to the original design, and not related to Dearmine’s design and idea.

Sculptor is standing very front side of company because of the characteristic of business, but cannot take lead of design.

We are afraid that we are receiving generous loves and attentions on our shoulders.

DEARMINE will keep trying to be creative company, and producing new and beautiful dolls.
We are hoping this could be the last time writing the official opinion, and moderate and amicable solution of this issue.

Thank you.

Best regard,