Peak’s Woods Dandy News

Peak’s Woods has posted their next release of new Fairy of Color basic boys on their website. Basic Dandy Tristan, Cosmo, Seji and Bella of the Moon Boy will be available for pre-order from June 1st to 31st.  The 61cm tall boys will come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. The dolls will first be sold at a 10% discount, and then they will be available for layaway purchase.

From the company:

*First Order Period : 6.1~ 6. 30, 2014

*6. 1 ~ 6. 10 : FoC Basic DANDY – 10% OFF, Layaway not available
*6. 10 ~ 6. 30 : FoC Basic DANDY – No Discount, Layaway available

*Second Order Period will be notified when it’s planned

Tristan, Seji, Cosmo and Bella of the Moon will be sold as blank basic dolls with optional face-ups.  Peak’s Woods has added a variety of FoC boy fashions to their site, including the school uniforms shown on the dolls.