LanWoo Head and EunHo

Ocean Moon has a new 1/3 size boy head named LanWoo.  Also being offered for pre-order is a new 1/6 boy doll, EunHo. They are both being discounted $30 for their first pre-order. Both the head and the doll are being cast in rosy yellow skin resin. LanWoo Head and EunHo may also be purchased from the Ocean Moon Etsy site.

Ocean Moon is also working on a 62cm boy body.

From the artist:

Currently we are making 62cm body which will work nicely with this head.
If we have 20 pledgers who definitely want the body, the body can be completed after 6 months!
Please refer to a link below for the body:


Other than the body,
if 5 or more pledgers send us a group pre-order for other 60cm heads or new type of 26cm heads,
we will be able to work on such items and see the projects completed.

In fact, we could complete all these projects because of such gracious patrons!

New works of Oceanmoon awaits for patrons.
We are always working hard on our projects in accord with our slogan, [Innovative and Artistic].