Migidoll News

Migidoll is preparing to release Warrior Sun. A limited number of full-sets will be available. Sun will also be sold as a basic doll.

From the company:

New M-Cute type “Sun”.

New doll from M-Cute type will be launched after a year.
The name is Sun. He is adorable and charismatic boy.
Thank you for your love to him!

20 full sets of “Warrior Sun” are ready to sell as the launching event.
5% of the price will be offered as your store point, when you order the limited full set.
(Not applicable to standard type.)

Warrior SUN
Sale : From June 1st to Available until all sets are sold out.

Standard SUN
Sale : From June 1st to 30th.

After May 31st, the company will be changing their resin offerings.

Flyer from the company:

migi resin notice

sun 1