QingLi and MeiJi

QingLi & MeiJi are two new limited editions from LoongSoul.Only 80 sets of each doll will be released.

69cm tall Meiji and QingLi will come with a head with fantasy ears, a body with both human parts and fox hands, calves and feet, and a random color pair of eyes. Resin colors available include solid yellow, pink or white or translucent french yellow, pink or white. The breast piece comes in small, medium or large. Also included is a resin pipe. Options for the dolls include eyes shown, wig, face-up, body blushing, extra human parts blushing, pipe painting and outfit with fox tail.

Dolls from Loongsoul may be purchased through Mint on Card and HorusDoll.


qingli qingli-1



MeiJi 3