LE Segi Twins Released

Peak’s Woods has released new Limited Edition version Segi as both a girl and as their first Fairy of Color (FoC) boy. Segi boy is the first of 4 boys that the company is releasing.

From Peak’s Woods:

We have finally got our boy body that will be called FOC Dandy Body(61cm)and heads ready.
There are 4 boys Dandy Tristan, Cosmo, Segi, Dandy Bella the Moon and they will be released as both LE and basic versions. (If fact, one of them, LE Segi is already on sale).

In order to celebrate this and have fun altogether we’ve prepared discount events and LE dolls so here are all the details regarding FoC Dandy below.

*5. 21 ~ 5. 31 (11days) : LE Segi Twins (boy & girl) -10% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE, Layaway NOT AVAILABLE

*6. 1 ~ 6. 10 (10days) : LE Segi Twins (boy & girl) – Layaway AVAILABLE, 10% DISCOUNT NOT AVAILABLE

*6. 1 ~ 6. 10 (10days) : FoC DANDY Basic -10% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE, Layaway NOT AVAILABLE

*6. 10 ~ 6. 30 (20days) : FoC DANDY Basic – Layaway AVAILABLE, 10% DISCOUNT NOT AVAILABLE

*6. 01 ~ 6. 30 (30days) : FoC Dandy Body (body only with no head) – No DISCOUNT, Layaway NOT AVAILABLE

*6. 01 ~ 6. 30 (30days) : FoC LE Dandy Tristan (Tristan on Dandy body in the promo pics) – No DISCOUNT, Layaway AVAILABLE

*Head parts of 4 basic boys – No DISCOUNT, Layaway NOT AVAILABLE

*Head parts of LEs won’t be available for sale.

*FoC Dandy Shoes and Eyes(Enchanted doll eyes, OSCAR DOLL eyes) – Now on sale.

*FoC Dandy Clothes and Wigs – AVAILABLE from May 26th.

*FoC Dandy fits chothes size, SD13 boy long leg

The information above is mainly about the first order of our FoC basic Dandy boys.

So yes, after this first order period is over, we will close their pages and focus on our next Dandy types.

We will notify in advance when there is the second order period for FoC basic Dandy boys in the future.

Now it is time for our last surprise!!

We will have a Lucky Draw with all the boy doll customers after the first order period, the winner will be rewarded with one doll(61cm) as follows.

*FoC Dandy (Dandy body+any Dandy boy head you want)

*Basic make up (No make up requests accepted)

*Eyes : 1 pair of 16mm glass eyes (random color)

*Cushions : 1 pair of cotton cushions

*Peak’s Woods box

*Certificate of authenticity

The Segi twins may be ordered individually in a choice of normal or white skin resin. 61cm Segi boy and 58cm tall Segi girl each include a limited edition face-up. Their school uniforms are optionally available. Segi girl additionally comes with a choice of small or large bust size,  an optional pair of special hands and heel feet. A “split thigh (thigh joint) body option is available for Segi girl only.


segi boy3

segi girl