New Miro Boy

Miro Doll has added a new boy doll to their website. The doll has a new body type. Customers that purchase the doll before the end of June will receive a gift. The doll may be found HERE.

From the company:

Miro Doll added a new 62cm boy to the website. The boy is slimmer, not so stout as Thunder. He has similar body shape as William, but is taller than William.

The size of the boy:

Height: 62cm
Head Size: 22cm
Neck Circumference: 9.5cm
Shoulder Width: 13.5cm
Arm Length: 26cm
Chest: 24cm
Waist: 19cm
Hip: 25cm
Leg Length: 31cm
Feet Length: 7cm

To promote this new doll, the customers who order him before June 30 can get a pair of shoes. You can choose any pair at Mirodoll website.


miro boy 2 miro boy 1