Briseas (2nd Hero), Lime and Jina

Three new Soul Zenith female BJDs have been introduced at Soul Doll. Briseas (2nd Hero) is a limited edition, and Lime and Jina are not limited. All of the girls come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Body options for all of the dolls include a choice of body (general, double jointed or new double jointed) and hands (set 1, 2 or 3). At 64cm, the new body that is introduced with the dolls is one cm taller than the previous bodies.

The basic dolls will come with the eyes shown. Options for Briseas, Lime and Jina include face-up (default or special request), wig, outfit, shoes and heel feet. As a limited edition, Briseas is only available until June 16th. All of the girl’s outfits are offered at a 20% discount if purchased with the dolls.



New Zenith girl body

New Zenith girl body