Lucy and Cathy Polymorph

Aileen Doll has released Polymorph Lucy and Cathy. The 25cm tall (without ears) white resin cat girls come with both human hands and feet, cat hands and feet, cat ears, devil wings and tail. Options include a face-up and parts blushing. The sets are shown in pink, purple or aqua. The magnetic devil cat parts may also be purchased separately in pink.  They come blank with optional blushing.

10cm tall Pet dolls Sweet Lucy and Cathy are being sold blank in white resin with optional face-up and body blushing.  Sweet Lucy may be ordered in aqua and Sweet Cathy in pink or purple.

The sets include both a winged cat and a cat girl with additional resin parts. The cat girls come with a face-up and devil cat parts blushing, and the little cats come blushed.

A limited number of event items will be given out free with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

Surprising Event!!

1. The first thirty customers who order our Polymorph Lucy and Cathy.
can get little devil cat for present!!

little devil cat

* White skin

* our little devil cat present’s type is random.
* This goods is not including make up.

2. The first twenty customers who order our white Lucy and Cathy.
can get cape for present!! ( Cape color: White )

3. All customers who order our fullset Lucy and Cathy.
can get little devil cat for present + cape and 5% percent discount


Polymorph cat girls

Polymorph cat girls Cathy (left & center) and Lucy

Sweet Lucy and Cathy wearing gift lace collar

Sweet Lucy and Cathy wearing gift lace collar

Little devil event cats

Little devil event cats