Lati News

Latidoll will soon be opening pre-orders for their latest limited edition series Legend of Lati. 10 random customers will receive a free gift with their purchase.

From the company:

Hello this is Lati.

Lati’s newest ambitious art of work “Legend of Lati” is comming!!’

Order period: 19th May 2014 ~ 9th June 2014 (Based on Korean time)

Our new friend “Hani” is also waiting for you!! 🙂

“Special event to celebrate Legend of Lati”

1. 10 Lucky people will be selected!!!

Based on Korean time from 19th May to 25th May, among our customers those who purchase more than one limited doll (Legend of Lati), we will select 10 Lucky people.

We prepared special free gift for those 10 people.
We will offer G. Belle mystic head basic set. The set is consist of mystic eyeball, face up, wig and outfit. Please be aware that parts are not included in this special set.

2. 20 Lucky people will be selected!!!!

We will select 20 lucky people among our customers who place their order from 26th May to 9th June for our new limited release, Legend of Lati.

Just buy more than one Limited doll during this period then you might be the one of those Lucky person.

We’ve prepared G. Belle mystic head as special free gift and this head don’t including eyeballs and face up!

This free gift head is unavailable for purchase, we only offer this head as event gift for those 20 lucky people.

20 lucky people will get tan or dark gray color head and it is randomly selected so you can’t choice the color.

Winners’ user ID will be updated on our notice board after the order period closed.

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