Dolliverse News

Dolliverse has announced the guest of honor for the event will be Spanish artist Nanyalin of Magic Mirror Studio. More information on the event is now available.

From the convention:

Magic Mirror Studio is run by Spanish artist Nanyalin. She made her debut with the very cute Faun, a collaboration between her (the head sculpt) and 5 Star Doll (the body). After that, she made a splash with the popular Fairies of Glendalough Saoirse and Siobhan.

She has donated a Fairies of Glendalough Siobhan in exclusive surprise color for the Raffle and is preparing a special color for her newest Leanhaun Sidhe Meave (picture is of the prototype) to be available on Dolliverse!

Don’t miss your chance to meet this amazing artist in real life and admire her beautiful dolls from up close.

Dolliverse will have a live auction for One Of A Kind fullsets of BJD’s by very talented artists.

NEW! The Dolliverse AUCTION:

Every attendee of Dolliverse can bid in the auction for a One Of A Kind Fullset doll.
This exciting new addition to the convention will offer the unique opportunity to purchase beautiful creations by very talented artists.

First OOAK Fullset: Frilly Maid by CLOCKWORK ANGEL

We also have a great set of doll prizes to be won for the Raffle:

Crea Challenge:

Exhibitor raffle:

and the Me & My Doll Lookalike competition: