Baby Humpties

Nefer Kane of Circus Kane Dolls is offering Baby Humpty. The 11cm tall Tiny BJD can be ordered in pink petal, warm sand or white skin resin. The blank dolls in these resin colors are not limited. The pre-order will be open until June 15th. Each doll may ordered with one head, 2, 4, or 6 heads. Optional face-up service is available from the artist or by Sally Chandler of Lilygami Design.

From the artist:

Today the preorder for the baby Humpties is open, at last 🙂
I know so many of you were impatient and it makes me so glad and proud!
You can check all the options ( there are TONS OF THEM : blank, different resin colors, packs, face up by Sally or by me… phew! what a task to list all these!! hahaha!)
and the pictures of the babies on that link :
If you have the slightest question, please feel free to email me.


baby humpty heads

baby humpty toothy grin

baby humpty nasty face