Salome Pre-order

Freakstyle BJD is currently taking pre-orders for new doll Salome in a choice of fresh, oriental, copper oriental or light tan skin resin. The 45cm tall doll will come with a pair of eyes. Layaway may be arranged.

From the artist:

This doll was realized because of an Indiegogo crowdfunding project: http://igg.me/at/freakstylebjd. The indiegogo campaign will run until May 21, after which I will send Salomé’s prototype to Dollshe Craft to get her cast.

The usual time it takes to produce a doll is 2 months. Including shipping from and to me, it will take approximately 3 months for the doll to be shipped to your home.


For more information on Salome, an interview with the artist by BJDcollectasy may be found HERE.




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