Lyseron Pre-orders

Once Upon a Doll has opened a new pre-order for 33cm tall Lyseron in two new resin colors. The pre-order closes on May 18th at 0:00 p.m. (Paris time). Dolls are scheduled to ship roughly 3 months after the end of the pre-order. A layaway option is available (3 payments within a 60-day period).

From the company:

We offer Lyseron to you in two colors, Innocent pink and Purple rain.

All of the dolls are professionally cast with the resin being environmentally safe, treated for anti-UV, and soft to the touch.

Lyseron can be ordered blank with exclusive options:


* High heel feet
* Unpainted high heel shoes
* Make-up (without eyelashes)
* Body blush

A small number of full-set dolls are also being offered. Two each of innocent pink and purple rain Lyerson are available in World of Utopia full-sets. Only one Lyerson in innocent pink is being offered in the full-set Pink Circus.


lyerson pink purple

Basic pink and purple resin Lyerson

world of utopia lyerson

World of Utopia

pink circus lyerson

Pink Circus