Prias and Kios

Argo Doll (Argonautica Dolls) has now opened pre-orders for BJDs Prias and Kios.

From the company:

1. New Doll Kios:

2. New skin tones: Thistle and Deep Blue:

3. Prias and Kios pre-order perod: May 7th – June 15th 2014

4. Layaway is possible now!

5. A new section on the site: Custom Size dolls.
You can order dolls in 40cm and 30cm size

63cm tall Kios and Prias may be ordered with a unisex body, or a choice of male or female body. In addition to thistle and deep blue, the dolls also come in mint and purple resin.  A face-up may be optionally ordered. A lay-away may be arranged.  Please check the FAQ page for more information.






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