~Ossia and Gaia~

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Two 14cm Dolls by Artist Donny Harijanto

Donny Harijanto retains the title Master of the Miniature. The smallest doll he has offered through his company Dream High Studio is a mere 4.5cm tall, yet is still fully jointed (new doll Kinoko).  All of his dolls are little; the largest are a “towering” 14cm.  I hadn’t collected any of his larger BJDs until last year when I nabbed Gaia the Forest Fairy.  Not long ago my new Ossia the Deer arrived, so I decided to show both of them off.

ossia army 400Ossia and Gaia are around the same height, 14cm, but are different in many ways. Gaia is a humanoid fairy, the largest type of fairy Donny has made. His first doll with this body style was Elvene. Gaia is also stylistically related to his smaller fairies, like my Flora and Harpy, who also came with magnetic wings and headpieces.

Ossia has a similar body, but she has a shorter middle joint without a belly button and cloven hooves that substitute for hands and feet. She also has a cute magnetic deer tail! But most distinctive is Ossia’s larger anthro deer head.  Dream High Studio has released anthro dolls before (the baby rhino couple Mica and Leah), but Ossia is a unique deer/human cross with her bigger stylized head and her elegant asymmetrical ears. In addition, Ossia comes with a full outfit designed for winter which includes a furry cloak, ear decoration, dress and black tights. The outfit is very well made.

As Gaia and Ossia have long spindly legs, they do not stand without something to lean on.  Otherwise they are both good posers in general, with the arms, legs and torso joints holding their position well. Even with her headpiece on, Gaia had no trouble keeping her head still when it was tilted.  Ossia, by contrast, is a bit bobble-headed due to the increased weight of her larger head and ears. Both dolls are delicately painted with decorative spots on their heads and bodies. Ossia has tiny brown glass eyes and is cast in a very pale tan with touches of pink blushing.  Gaia has onyx bead eyes and is made of white resin with the loveliest shades of pink and green blushing.

While both dolls feel very delicate, their resin is tougher than it seems. My Gaia was dropped from about 4 feet above the ground by accident without injury. I wouldn’t be sure that she could survive a high fall onto a very hard surface, but many resin dolls would also suffer chips or breaks in the same circumstance.

I love DHS dolls.  No other minute BJDs come close to the consistent quality and precision of Donny’s work.  The 14cm size dolls are slender and delicate, yet sturdy for their size.  They go well with the other smaller dolls from the company.  Together the various sizes of Dream High BJDs inspire a wonderland in miniature, something I hope to create for them in the future.

Photo above: army of Ossia deer being readied for shipping.

Dream High Studio dolls may also be ordered through their exclusive authorized retailer Fabric Friends and Dolls





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