A new collaborative doll project by Russian artists Lidia Snul (BJtales) and Ilona (Lightpainted Dolls) has resulted in Nifer.  The 28cm tall mahogany brown resin girl may be ordered as a basic blank doll with eyes and a handmade wig, or with a face-up and body blushing. The wigs come in random colors and styles, but customers can request a specific wig . Nifer may be ordered by contacting bjtales@gmail.com or placing an order through Lightpainted Doll. Customers may pay in full or send a deposit to hold their doll.

From the companies:

The artist Lidia Snul worked very hard on achieving skin-like texture to the doll’s surface and this has been faithfully replicated in the handmade artist casts by Andrey Korchagin from Russia.

The look and feel of this doll is very different to anything you’ve held before!

As a special treat for our customers and doll lovers, 

Lidia Snul of BJtales and Ilona of Lightpainted Doll 

entered into an exciting and fruitful collaboration

 where two artists’ minds met 

and created the final look of this unusual, beautiful doll.