MiroDoll for May

MiroDoll is offering discounts in May for dolls, heads, bodies, eyes and shoes. 1/3 William will be offered at a special price.

From MiroDoll:

May Promotion, 1/3 boy William is only $112.8 this month

Mirodoll offers 40% discount on the dolls, doll bodies and doll heads in May. The uncle shoes, 1/3 shoes and 1/4 shoes are 25% discount. All the glass eyes are 40% off, the price is $9 one pair, 16mm and 18mm each style, plenty in stock.

More than 200 pairs of shoes restocked in May.

William, Rosa, Robin, Vivi, Kevin are available in normal skin and creamy skin. The feet of these dolls have very peculair hinged feet. William, a handsome 1/3 size boy, is only $112.8 now, and we offer an extra pair of normal feet.

We accept group orders. For orders over $888, we offer free shipping, anywhere in the world.