A Russian doll company called Bardo Research is taking pre-orders for 1/4 size Sadhana.

From the company:

Sadhana  in normal skin new pre-sale is open. Second part of first edition 50 normal skin sets in process on the factory now. Arrival date is July 2014.

New option available now – Basic Kit.

One kit includes:

blank sanded doll parts in normal skin, removable high heel feet, elastic cord for stringing, hooks, small simple box and certificate.

Regular blank doll set includes:

stringed blank doll in normal skin, removable high heel feet, 8mm glass eyes, box and certificate.

Payment divides in two parts:

first payment is 1/2 the price

– second payment when doll will be ready to shipping.

Paypal is accepted, fee is not included in the price.

Shipping by EMS or discussing for your preference.

From reliable sources: shoes from Sybarite, Numina and Tonner dolls fit her high heel feet very well.

Her measurements and pics here

Email me for purchase  boxforox@gmail.com