FreedomTeller News

FreedomTeller has introduced new spring casual clothing for EID and SID size Iplehouse Dolls.

From the company:

We’re here to inform you of new items update for EID and SID men~

[Double Mazarine EID, SID]

This item can generate both classic and casual look depending on how you style it.

This season, we adjusted the arm holes to be slimmer and gave this piece points by using light beige colored buttons.

[Jean jacket, pants (washed) EID, SID]

This time at Freedom Teller, we tailored a jean jacket in most traditional jean jacket fit and tailored our pants in trendy narrow ankle fit.

Our washing is done all by hand and we pay attention to even the smallest details by doing so~

[Easy-going (multi-stripe) EID, SID]

This a shawl collared cardigan tailored with unique dark navy blue material with multi-stripes in mixed colors of white and red.

With the multi-striped material as canvas and leather stitch button as accents, this item can deliver both marine and preppy look.

denim set

summer suit