Lucifer Release

Ringdoll is offering new 72cm tall Ring Grown line Lucifer at this time. He comes in two versions, in the Ring Special Arios full-set or as a basic doll.

Lucifer Arios is cast in normal skin resin. He comes with a face-up, eyes, wig, outfit, wings, weapon (Armageddon) and a pair of fist hands. Lucifer will also come with a chest piece with an etched design. Customers that want a plain chest piece may purchase an extra part separately.

Basic Lucifer is sold blank. The doll may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Some normal skin dolls are already cast for quick shipment. Basic Lucifer will come with a random color pair of eyes and and a pair of fist hands. A face-up may be optionally ordered for the doll. The Lucifer head may be purchased separately. It is sold blank in normal skin resin.

For a limited time, Ringdoll is offering a discount or free shipping with the purchase of a basic or full-set Lucifer doll.

From the company:

Release event:
Period: April 18, 2014-May 18, 2014

66 USD can be reduced from your overseas shipping cost if you order Lucifer-Arios full-set,while the difference will not be made up if your shipping cost is less than 66 USD (the dealers are not included).
For more details, please contact our customer service: sales@ringdoll.com advice.

Layaway is available. Layaway details:▶click here
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Basic Lucifer

Basic Lucifer