Fairy Land Event

Fairyland has announced their new event for the launch of the new Moe boy body. The company has also posted an update regarding shipping of dolls from their previous event.

From the company:

We are delighted to announce a new event to celebrate the launch of Moe Line for MiniFee BOY.

Moe Line MiniFee Boy body is designed to have more boyish feel to the body compared to previously released MiniFee boy bodies. It will be released as A la Carte system and there will be a new Full Package for Moe Line Boy coming in the future.

We also would like to apologize for heavy delays with shipping currently. Due to unexpected demand for recently released dolls (Steampunk LittleFee, FeePle and MiniFee Tika & Rin ), we have received overwhelming number of orders, affecting the usual processing time as a result, within just one week of their releases. There were also some problems due to certain Full Package outfit production and had to be remade. We are aware that some orders are well outside the stated processing time and apologize once again for the inconveniences. We are doing our best to resolve the processing delay.


It is estimated that all orders received during the upcoming event will have an increased processing time, of up to 30 processing days. Thank you for your understanding.

– Event Duration: April 11, 2014 ~ May 31, 2014

– Contents: Celebrating the release of Moe Line MiniFee Boy

1. MiniFee A la Carte additional option

During the event period, MiniFee A la Carte will have additional option allowing purchase of a Moe Line Boy one-piece type torso.

This torso is based from a normal Moe Line boy body. However all joints allowing extra movement in the torso region have been removed to maximize aesthetics of the torso sculpt, creating a one-piece torso from neck, upper body to pelvis.

This torso is also compatible with Moe Line girl, as well as Active Line boy and girl. However this torso is designed from Moe Line boy body and the aesthetic and movement compatibility with other body types may not be 100% perfect.

2. Event Gift Options

A. $250 or above : Hat for pukipuki/realpuki (BW resin)

B. $350 or above : PukiFee faceplate (NS or BW)

C. $450 or above : Little Fee faceplate (NS or BW)

D. $650 or above: MiniFee head (NS or BW)

E. $1500 or above: a + b + c + d (NOTE: “sp” gift is NOT included with “e” gift set option)

SP. $800 or above: Moe Line Boy one-piece type torso (NOTE: this gift cannot be selected with other gift options)

For example:

Order $650 or below can select any one gift from A, B, C or D.

Order $800 or below can select any one gift from A, B, C, D or SP (AMENDED)

Order $1500 or above can select E or SP, but not both.

– Above price eligibility does not include shipping fee.

– Customer should choose event gift (A, B, C, D, SP) eligible for the total order price in the cart to receive it.

– One order is eligible for one event gift of designated price or lower. (eg. order which eligible for (c) may choose to receive (a) instead).

– Customers eligible for Option E should select put A, B, C and D gift options into the shopping cart. It is not possible to receive two or more items of same type (eg. it is not possible to request for a + a + b + b).

– Any existing orders participating in previous event are NOT eligible to participate in current event by placing combined orders. One order is eligible for one type of event only.