Denim Separates

FreedomTeller has introduced new denim separates for dolls. Denim jackets and jeans have been introduced in sizes SD17 boy and SD16 girl.

From the company:


We’re here to inform you of 2014 new basic items update~

For this update, we have prepared upcoming must-have items for this Spring: Washed jean jacket and pants.

This time at Freedom Teller, we tailored a jean jacket in most traditional jean jacket fit and tailored our pants in trendy narrow ankle fit.

Our washing is done all by hand and we pay attention to even the smallest details by doing so~

By using slightly stretchy material on femme jean items, we created soft delicate lines and washed the material softly for more feminine look~

We also updated our online catalog with accessories to coordinate with our jean items~

Freedom Teller invites you to experience our original jean items’ charms this season.

* We will update our catalogs with EID items soon. Please keep an eye out for them.

freedomteller denim