Delilah Fairy Ver.

Rosette School of Dolls has introduced a new fairy version of Delilah. The normal skin resin BJD will come with a 43cm Muse body with girl or lady chest piece or a 47cm Pure style body with girl or lady chest piece. Options include a limited Elf head, limited Dragonfly parts (blank or painted), face-up, body blushing, outfit (Muse or Pure size), wig and eyes.

The Fairy costume may be purchased alone. It comes in Muse or Pure size. Heel feet may also be purchased separately.

From the company:

Since the time we have released our new Rosette line, many of you asked for items to be available for separate sale.
As these are the first steps of our new collection, we are unfortunately not able to release as many items as we would love too…
This is why we will release the outfit of our new Delilah for separate sale (however, it will be available on preorder only).

Plus, heel feet parts will be put on sale for you to enjoy high heel shoes with your favourite Rosette dolls.

Finally, we have a lot of plans for periodical releases of items available for separate sale for the future, so please be looking forward getting them soon.^^

*Site ordering sale period: from April 15th to April 27th 2014.
*Selling method: time limited

<Sold items>

1. The Fairy Garden [Delilah] (limited)
– Muse body or Pure body
– The outfit has been designed according to the Muse body.
However, if you choose the Pure body, we will arrange the stockings size accordingly.
If the girl body is selected, the front of the outfit (chest part) may be a little bit large.

2. The Fairy Garden [Outfit] (preorder/limited)

3. Heel feet parts (preorder/limited)


delilah fairy2
delilah fairy1
delilah fairy