Winterrain Studio

A new company has opened their international website. Winterrain Studio sells blank doll heads and doll glasses. A variety of BJD heads are offered for 1/3 size dolls, and one 1/6 size head is also for sale.  All of the heads come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Usually a face-up cannot be ordered, but for a limited time, doll head Sleeping U-Yeong is available with a face-up option.

From the company:

We release Sleeping U-Yeong type to celebrate our English homepage open.
This type was released in Korea for 1st anniversary of Winterrain Studio.
We don’t get doll face-up order usually but you can order face-up Sleeping U-yeong type only.
Sleeping U-Yeong head is event head. After this order period, you can’t buy this type. Please hurry! Now or never!

Please visit our site.Thank you!


Sleeping U-Yeong