Lyse Re-release Announcment

Lyse will be re-released at Lillycat – Cerisedolls for a 48 hour period starting on April 21st.  She will be offered in a choice of cream or caramel resin. The doll may be ordered with a face-up for this pre-order.

From Lillycat:

Next sale : Lyse cream/caramel with make-up option!
Sale open from Tuesday April 22 to Thursday April 24


The make-up option is back on Lillycat Cerisedolls !
Lyse will be on sale in few weeks with 2 brand new make-up options : the standard make-up and the limited make-up by french artist Minivega.

Of course, it’s always possible to order a blank doll to custom it by yourself…

Lyse is 57.5cm tall, with a Lune body, and will be available in two resin colors :
cream and caramel.

Sale will be open during a 48 hours preorder from April the 22 (7:00 UTC) to the 24.

Watch out ! The number of available dolls isn’t limited, but the Minivega make-up option will be limited to 10!

Layaways :
2 and 3 times layaways will be available for one doll purchased.
4 times layaways will be available for two or more dolls purchased.
Find all the informations during the payment process and on our FAQ page.

Details and photos are yet to come on www.lillycat.net !