Gems of Heaven Resale

Latidoll is selling a limited number of Gems of Heaven Sissi for sale in a few hours from now. The doll was a special Limited Yellow line release for DollFete. Interested collectors can check the time of the sale with this link: TIME Seoul, Korea

From the company:

The Gems of Heaven resale for cancellation.

Hello this is Lati.

We are going to offer resale promotion of The Gems of Heaven that released on 27th March.

Brown tan ver. Sissi is the resale model.

Last time, as you know, the orders from all over the world rushed in short limited time.
So some of our customers placed order twice.
That’s why how came out these Sissi in inventory.

As a result we are able to offer Sissi up to exact amount of canceled orders.

You can meet Sissi on 7th April 11:30 PM in Korean time again.

Please don’t miss this chance!

Also in case of purchase Sissi in a full set you will get a one free wig that is same style in different color in your option selected.

This event is regardless of total amount of payment just one free wig for one user ID.


gem sissi