Dream Doll Blossom

Bergemann Dolls is introducing new Dream Doll Blossom. The BJD comes in two different limited edition full-sets, Violet Blossom and Sock Hop Blossom. Sock Hop Blossom is being sold in a red or teal version. An OOAK version of the doll, Peacock Blossom, is being offered at Designer Dolls by Bo Bergemann.

From the artist:

Blossom is available on pre-order now in a couple of very different LE Completed Artist Doll versions, Violet Blossom and Sock Hop Blossom.

Dream dolls are petite slim mini MSD dolls a little over 15″ tall. Big enough to be fun to sew for, play with and easily pose but small enough to fit well on any shelf or into an already large collection.



teal blossom


OOAK Peacock Blossom

OOAK Peacock Blossom