Kaye Wiggs’ Laycee is a new sculpt that can be ordered with a choice of bodies. She is being cast in fair skin resin in her first pre-order at Jpop Dolls. The three body options offered include the regular 45cm, 54cm Tobi or a new 55cm body. Laycee comes with a face-up and a random color pair of glass eyes. Her face-up comes with or without freckles. The pre-order runs six weeks.

From Jpop:

Preorder runs through May 13th, 2014.

Due to the longer preorder period, orders will be sent to factory in two batches to expedite wait times (one at 3 weeks April 22, and the second at end of preorder).

If you want your doll quicker, please order in the first three weeks.

October/November approximate delivery.