Dream of Doll Event

Dream of Doll has now released a tan version of 60cm DoT Talia, new 26cm DoB Berry, two 1/3 boy Dream heads, and re-released Black Code no.02 in tan with a 70cm DoI body. All of the dolls may be ordered until April 30th.  An event has also started.

From the company:

We’re very happy to announce you good news!

There are new limited dolls and new DoB doll.

A. It’s been several years since we last released Limited Black Code.no.02

There have been so many requests from customers for this doll.

We sell Limited Black Code.no.02 in DoI size

Your understanding in this regard would be appreciated.

Pls kindly refer dol’s description for further details.

B. We’ve released Limited Dark Tahlia, a tan version of DoT Tahlia.

You can feel both dreamy and goth ambiance with Limited Dark Tahlia.

We offer extra tan high heel foot if you order the doll during the event period.

Pls kindly refer doll’s description for further details.

C. We’ve released a new DoB doll, Berry.

We offer both open-eye and half-open eye head.

We offer a Mo-hair wig (random color) if you order this doll within event period.

Pls kindly refer doll’s description for further details.

D. We’ve released Dream Head 13 & Dream Head 14

Pls kindly note that molds of both heads are the same but we put a different make up style.

Pls note the description for further details.


Event period: April 1~ April 30, 2014

1. We offer 1 free make up if you order a all doll during the period.

Regardless of doll type

Default make up only

¡You need to pay if you request a specific make up

We offer 1 make up only

We offer this 1 free default make up for a random doll if you don’t specify a doll when you order more than 1

doll. Ex) if there are two open-eye and half-open eye head, we basically put on a free make up for an open-

eye head unless otherwise requested.

2. Event benefit per amount

¡If you order more than 550 usd, we offer DH 13 with NO make up

If you order more than 680 usd, we offer DH 13 with a make up(you can choose a make up style between DH 13 and DH 14.)

If you order more than 1,200 usd, we offer two DH 13(you can choose a make up style between DH 13 and DH 14)

Pls let us know preferred make up style in the order form or by email or on the board.

The dolls are sold blank with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and wig and optional face-up and outfits. Berry can be ordered as a boy or a girl, and includes both regular and tender version head. Dark Talia’s outfit is available in either white or black. She comes with both flat and heel feet. Free black fingernail painting is available for Talia and Code no. 02 if requested.


Black Code 02

Black Code no.02

Black Talia

Black Talia




Dream head ver.13

Dream head ver.13

Dream Head ver 14

Dream Head ver 14