Gloomy Irin Black Ribbon 2 Release

Little Monica is now offering Black Ribbon collection Gloomy Irin.

From the company:

Enjoy the works of our collaborators;

Helana March’s unique, glamorous Outfit
Micazuki’s antique, exquisite Face-Up
OSCAR DOLL’s flashy, beautiful Eyes.

Customers can choose between normal or white resin for their doll. 1/4 size Little Harmony Gloomy Irin will come with a special face-up with the doll’s number painted on her eyelid. Also included is the complete outfit shoes, wig and eyes shown. Optional heel leg parts and body blushing may be added. Only 8 Black Ribbon collection 2 dolls will be released.


irin eyepatchgloomyirindoll

gloomy irin gloomy rin face-up