Alice’s Collections News

Alice’s Collections has added new doll company MaskCatDolls to their website. The retailer is offering the the dolls along with their events.

From the retailer:

AC promotion for Maskcat Doll (Till 2014.05.15): .
* Order any Maskcat doll, get a pair of glass eyes (Random) + eyeputty 9g + doll cleaner as gifts.

Maskcat Event for Special Size dolls (Till 2014.04.25): .
* The first buyer of a country will get a surprise gift from Maskcat.
* All next buyers from the same country will get free shipping for special size dolls.
* Please see current free shipping countries list here.

Maskcat Event for 57cm dolls (Till 2014.05.15): .
* Order Ruolan or Xilv, get an extra elf head for free.

Alice’s Collections has also posted many new outfits for boy and girl dolls in a variety of sizes.


New fashions

New fashions

ruolan (20)

Xilv (left) & Ruolan


Aeuna (left) & Belina

Aruna (left) & Belina