V-06 Head

Granado has posted a new VIPO doll head. V-06 will be released soon.

From the company:

Our latest VIPO series head, V-06 is coming!

This time we will not use the lottery system, but instead a limited ordering period for our VIPs.
V-06 will be released on 1st April, 2014.

Period: 1st April 2014 ~ 7th April 2014.
Target: All our VIPs!

The ordering method will be send to every VIPs’ Email very soon. (Around 30th March, 2014)

If VIPs want to have him, please order him during the ordering period.
But if you are not one of our VIPs, you may still have a chance to order him.
We will hold an after event beginning from 15th April. A limited V-06s will be released.
Everyone are welcome to make a booking on that day.