Season Limited Mignon and BeBe

Season Limited Holiday’s Child line BeBe and Mignon are now available at Rosen Lied for one month. The 39cm tall girls may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Mignon and BeBe are sold blank with glass eyes and default outfit (hat, dress, drawers). An optional face-up may be ordered.

From the company:

[Release of season limited basic dolls]

Sales period : March 28th ~ April 28th

Holiday’s Child BeBe
Holiday’s Child Mignon

New holiday’s child Bebe and Mignon will be on sale for a month.
(Holiday’s children will not be released as basic dolls
as our other lines of children and will only be available as limited.

* Special event for BeBe and Mignon

Event period : March 28th ~ April 11th

For all the customers who order Holiday’s child BeBe and Mignon
during this period will receive 5 times greater mileage point for the dolls.

For example, mileage point for Holiday’s child is “4.18”
but during this period, mileage point of “20.9” will be given.


Sale of Holiday’s Child Limited Basic BonBon (White skin) * 3 dolls Available

Make up + Eyelash

Remaining dolls of “Limited basic BonBon” will be on sale.
White skin, default make up + eyelashes option, outfit included.
Wig is not included. You can’t change the option 🙂

* Bonbon is not qualified for the special event.
Special mileage point event if only for BeBe and Mignon.