Luts Updates

Luts is offering two limited edition versions of new Model Delf boys Abadon and Avalanche as basic dolls with options and as full packages. Avalanche Soul Hunter and Abadon Vampire may be ordered in a choice of real skin normal, white, brown, light tan or tan skin resin. Body options include a choice from four upper torsos (regular, regular jointed, muscled, muscled jointed) and two leg sets (regular and muscled).

For basic limited Avalanche and Abadon dolls a face-up, extra head (blank or faced-up), body blushing, wig, outfit and shoes may be purchased separately. Full Package dolls come only in normal skin resin with type 1 torso and type 1 legs, the limited edition head with a face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. The limited version dolls are not included in the 15% Model Delf discount. LE Abadon and Avalanche are being sold until April 28th, 12:00 Korean time.

At this time, the prototype photos for the sleeping Model Delf heads has been posted. The event heads are free gifts for the purchase of 2 or more dolls.

From the company:

If you buy two more MDF Dolls within Event period, We will give special GIFT MDF sleeping Head.

MDF sleeping heads are 4 kinds. So you can choice 1.