Lillycat News

Lillycat – Cerisedolls is preparing to re-release Ombre with two face-plates.

From the artist:

Next sale: Ombre dreaming + open eyes !
Sale open from Thursday March 27 to Saturday March 29


Ombre is back on Lillycat Cerisedolls, with a brand new look !
Each doll with come with 2 face plates : the classic Dreaming face and the new Open Eyes, plus a free pair of eyes and a beautiful Lillycat Cerisedolls carriage bag.

Ombre is still about 41cm tall, with a Classic V2 body, and will be available blank (no make-up) in two resin colors : white and blue.

Sale will be open during a 48 hours preorder from March the 27th (17:00 UTC) to the 29th (17:00 UTC). The number of dolls available isn’t limited, but the sales will run only for two days.

Layaways :
2 and 3 times layaways will be available for one doll purchased.
4 times layaways will be available for two or more dolls purchased.
Find all the informations during the check out page and on our FAQ page.

Details and photos are yet to come on www.lillycat.net !