N. Jadu Released

Nine9 Style and Sseiren Doll are both offering N. Jadu, a collaboration between the two companies. 27cm tall N.Jadu, created by Sseiren, comes in a choice of white rose or flesh colored resin, with a basic or mobility body.  Customers may buy basic Jadu which includes a face-up and a pair of acrylic eyes.  Options include the wig, Enchanted doll eyes, limited edition Nine9 Style outfit, shoes, and extra “heart” hands.

Customers that buy the doll as a full-set with wig, Enchanted doll eyes, outfit and shoes will receive a $14 discount. Heart hands may be optionally added to the order.  Other hand sets are available separately on the Sseiren site. N.Jadu will be open for pre-order until April 6.