MaskCatDoll Update

The MaskCatDoll event will start soon. Photos of the elf head prototypes are on the company’s Flickr. During the event customers will receive both a human and an elf version head when they buy Roulan and Xilv.

From the company:

We are very proud to announce that our first girls in SD size, Ruolan and Xilv, are finished!

To celebrate this release, we want to start a special spring Event for them for 2 months (starting March 15th). If you order one of the SD girls during the “Sisters of Spring Event” you get an elf head for free! Ruolan and Xilv are two special dolls, because they have human and elf ears! ^^ (photos of the elf head versions will follow soon!)

We hope you like this feature. After the event you can choose between the elf or human ears head! Only during this event you get both head types (human and elf version), so don’t miss this chance!


Ruolan and Xilv

Xilv (top) & Roulan

ruolan (20)