Limited ‘Kiltie’ Pre-order

FreedomTeller is now taking pre-orders forfashions based on traditional outfits from Scotland.

From the company:

Limited ‘Kiltie’ Pre-order Period on FreedomTeller.com
(SD13B/17B, EID/SID Homme & SD16G/SID Femme)
http://www.freedomteller.com / http://www.twitter.com/freedomteller / http://www.flickr.com/photos/freedomteller


We’re very happy to announce our first limited set for the year of 2014!

[ KILTIE ] is Freedom Teller’s recreation of traditional outfit from Scotland.

Kilt is the traditional tartan skirt worn by Scottish men and the color and the patterns showed their family and status~

The sporran in the front of the skirt can be a bit different depending on your social status, family and region.

Kilt is probably the only official skirt suit look and is the symbol of Scotland and their men.

This time, we tried to create a new Kiltie look by added modern look while still keeping Scottish kilt’s traditional details.

There are two different versions for men and there are optional items you can add to your basic pieces.

*** International Pre-order Period: 2014.03.14 ~ 2014.03.28
*** Expected Shipping Period: 2014.04.14 ~ 2014.04.28

* We will ship all orders in order they were placed and paid.

* Please note if we receive high volumes of order, shipping period may be delayed.
When in case of back order, we will inform customers who ordered.