Marbled Halls has announced that a new 10″ tall (25.4cm) Sprockets doll named Frump will be released

From the company:

Good day! I should receive Glee and Frazzle in the next 3-4 weeks!!! I will be painting and shipping around 20 at a time.

As many of you know my daughter Galya has sculpted her own BJD. Her name is FRUMP. She will come on the Sprocket body. She is now ready for preorder. I had hoped to open her own company and paypal and such but her age and other technicalities has stopped that. So for now she will be a branch of my business. Her payments will come into my paypal and then be transferred into her account.

Her business name is Detski Dolls, so each payment or order will need to say Detski Dolls, or Galya on it, then the name Frump. I will list the choices below.

Factory fullsets..The light tan with the striped pants and top with the turquoise over dress is the factory fullest. It will also come with gray cloth boots.The factory fullsets are light tan only.

The artist OOAKS ..will be painted by Galya..those you see in these photos were painted by her. The clothes on these will be random and you can chose pale or light tan skin. They will not come with shoes.

Blanks ..can be either color…make sure you note which color on the payment.

Heads.. only are paleskin only.

PREORDER starts noon Thursday Eastern time and is for at least one week.
To order you will email me at bullwinkle2001@hotmail.com
I will confirm with instructions on how to pay.

All money will go to Glayas for production and then the balance will go into her education account.