Chocola Fairies

Special White line Chocola Fairies are now available at Latidoll. Three versions of the new Haru sculpt are posted; White Mint Haru, Caramel Biscuit Haru, and Dark Crunchy Haru. The pre-order for the 12cm dolls ends March 21st (Korean time).

The Chocola Fairy dolls come with a face-up and a pair of eyes.  Options include the outfits and wigs.  If both an outfit and wig are purchased, they will be sold at a slight discount.  The tattoo on each doll may be optionally not included in the face-up.

From the company:

Lati present Special White Limited Doll ” Chocola Fairies ” for you.

This is small token of our appreciation for those who waited
our White line for a long time. 😀
Please don’t miss our new head also!

Meet lovely Haru in White line!

We have some special offers for those who purchase “Full set”.

Please pay much attention to our New white limited doll ” Chocola Fairies” 


chocola lati white

Dark Crunchy Haru White Mint Haru Caramel Biscuit Haru