Nympheas Dolls News

Nympheas Dolls will be taking pre-orders for cream white Nymphette  from March 10th to the 26th. The Malice doll order will be arriving next month. The artist, k6, is working on two new projects at this time, Chouchou the caterpillar and Chibi Luciole.

From the artist:

Hello, due to the Chinese New Year orders were slightly delayed, I would receive Malicie & Tit’Fraise in April, I will do my best to take care of them in priority when they arrived.

I also received inquiries about the release of Nymphée, she will be available in April or May
I would like to introduce two new prototypes being achievements, Chouchou, a 18,5 cm caterpillar
Chibi Luciole a small creature adapted to the body of the Chibi but her head is much smaller, she will wear 4/5 Inch wig unlike Nymphette chibi who’s wear 6/7 Inch!
she will be probably phosphorescent as she is a firefly, and she will have small transparent wings.


nymphette cream