Creature Series Release

Three Creature Series dolls are now available at Aileen Doll. 28cm tall Licorice and 26.5cm tall Cedric and Camellia are each limited editions of 50 dolls. Joining them is 9cm tall pet doll Chassy, who is a limited edition of 20.

The Creature dolls are sold blank with optional face-up, parts blushing and outfits. Licorice is cast in grey resin. She comes with a human body plus extra skeleton hand and arm parts and resin heel shoes. Cedric and Camellia are cast in normal skin resin.  They comes with an extra cyclops head with a resin eye and additional cyclops hands and feet parts.

Chassy is sold with a face-up and body painting.  The ruff around the neck is also included. The eyes are available separately.

creature dolls

From left: Camellia, Licorice, Cedric, Front: Chassy

cedric camillia

Cedric and Camellia Cyclops