MaskCatDoll News

MaskCatDoll has announced an extension of their free shipping event for 21cm tall dolls Belina and Aruna.

From the company:

The first free shipping month of Aruna and Belina is over, thank you very much for your support! But the event will be continued! ^^

From now to April 25th if someone buys a Maskcat doll (Only in Maskcat doll Special size doll Aruna and Belina) all next buyer from the same country will get free shipping till the event is over. And the first buyer from their country will get a special gift from Maskcat doll ^^.

More detailed informations and the ‘Free Shipping list’ you can see at the official Maskcat website: http://www.maskcatdoll.com/sprin_event_ab.html


Aruna (left) & Belina

belinapage (11)