Ingenue and Ingenieus Pre-order

twigling is taking pre-orders for elf dolls Ingenue and Ingenieus. The BJDs are a joint project by twigling and Nanyalin.

From the Artists:

Finally the day is here, we are ready as we are ever going to get to receive preorders for Ingenieuse and Elf Ingenue.. These are two new sculpts, a collaboration between twigling and Nanyalin of Magic Mirror Studios. In this order there is only a total of 100 dolls available, and the order will be open for 25 days til March 23, unless the 100 dolls are spoken for before that time, in which case the order will close early. The number of each sculpt will depend entirely on what our buyers decide to order.

In addition to the new heads, we are offering a new hand sculpt with long nails and a new larger busted chest piece. Basic elves will ship with the old large bust (now medium) and this time, the long nail hands will be the default style. At this time, we will only accept orders for full dolls, not separate heads or bodies.

EDIT: We have decided that buyers can select whichever bust size they want and do not need to buy an optional bust in addition to the default. Of course it is still possible to buy an extra bust if you really want, but regardless of which bust you want you are not required to purchase any extras.

A deposit of 50% of your order total will be required up front to help cover the production costs, with the remainder due when the dolls are ready to ship, though invoices for the second payment will most likely start to go out when the shipment arrives here and is ready for processing and assembly. For orders that are paid in full up front, we will give a €25 discount on your total.