Sadol School Uniforms

New Go To School II School Uniforms are now available at Sadol. Six different sets for boys and for girls are available. Girl’s sizes include Sadol Love60, Volks SD 9, 13 & 16,  Volks DD-M, DD-L and Sadol Honey 63. Boy’s sizes include  Sadol Star 70, Volks SD 9, 13 & 17, Luts Delf, Senior Delf & Super Senior Delf, Crobi R & M lines and Dollshe Hound. For a limited time, customers that purchase three full sets of school uniforms will receive a free duffel coat.

From the company:

Event for releasing GTS2014!
Event period : 2014. 2/24 – 2014.3/3(midnight)

If you buy 3 full set of GTS2014, We will give you one Duffel coat(random color)
(will count 3 full set as maximum per order)
(full set – shirt,vest,Jacket and skirt or pants)
(Please write size at shipping reference)

Gift shipping period : 3/20 – 22


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