Koori and Yuki – Ice Elves

New Little Gem Ice Elves Koori and Yuki, are now at The Gem.The 1/4 size Little Gem Boy Koori is cast in snow blue resin, and girl Yuki is cast in cream white resin. The dolls come with both a regular and a pointed eared “surprise” head, pointed nail hands, dragon lower legs and feet, and transparent blue dragon wings and horns.

Options for the dolls include a face-up for one or both heads, an extra human body, body blushing for one or both bodies, Soom eyes, a choice of wigs and outfits.  Seam sanding may be ordered through a link at the bottom of the dolls’ sale page.  Pre-order for Yuki and Koori will end on March 16th (Korean time).




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