Simply Divine has created a new doll sculpt named Nkiru. The head comes in the company’s regular resin colors Venetian Luna White, Sunrise and Bone, and also two new limited edition colors, Venetian Luna Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Nkiru is being sold blank. The head is designed to fit Dollshe Hound size bodies.

Simply Divine was previously the subject of an article on BJDcollectasy ( Here).

From the company:

We at Simply Divine are pleased to announce our new head Nkiru!

We are also pleased to announce Nkiru will be available in our two new resin colors
Venetian Luna Nutmeg and Venetian Luna Cinnamon

Nkiru is Dollshe Hound in size and is shown here on a Dollshe Tan Pure body
cast in Venetian Luna Nutmeg


Nkiru is shown here in Venetian Luna Nutmeg next to Dollshe Tan hands (left)
and Venetian Luna Cinnamon next to Dollshe Pale Tan hands (right)


Please note: Venetian Luna Nutmeg and Venetian Luna Cinnamon
are available in a limited number of castings.
There are seven available in Nutmeg and nine available in Cinnamon at this time
Venetian Luna White, Sunrise and Bone are available in an
unlimited number of castings

You can find Nkiru at the introductory price here…


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